Charleston WV Police Department

Criminal Investigation Division

The Criminal Investigation Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of crimes reported to the Charleston Police Department.

If you need to speak with a detective, or want to inquire about a case status, call (304) 348-6480. If your call is during other than normal business hours, please leave a message, or if the call is urgent, it may be possible to contact the detective via the Records Section at 348-6424.

If you would like to provide information about a case but want to remain anonymous, you can submit the information on our Provide a Tip page.


Det. Hunt

Sgt. Richard Basford

Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 238

Det. Hunt

Det. Hedrick Miller

Assistant Chief of Detectives

304-348-8000 ext. 225


Det. Joshua Simmons

Crime Scene Unit

304-348-8000 ext. 234

Det. Robert Welsh

304-348-8000 ext. 252

Derrick Williams

Det. Dalton Holcomb

304-348-8000 ext. 243

Matthew Cooper

Det. Matthew Cooper

Daniel Eisenberg

Det. Daniel Eisenberg

304-348-8000 ext. 244

Jonathan Hill

Det. Jonathan Hill

304-348-8000 ext. 237

Det. Joshua Mena

304-348-8000 ext. 224

Det. Jonathan Weaver

Det. William Lovern

304-348-8000 ext. 239

Det. Ryan Spaulding

304-348-8000 ext. 241

Det. Anthony Thomas

304-348-8000 ext. 280

Intelligence Officer

Det TJ Crowder

304-348-8000 ext. 163

Family Services Section

Kimberly Eagle

Victim's Advocate

Administrative Assistants

Danielle Given

Elizabeth Skiles