Charleston WV Police Department

File A Report

If a violent crime or felony is discovered or in progress you should dial 911 immediately. We will come to you.

How May I File A Police Report?

  • If you need to file a police report for a non-violent misdemeanor that is no longer in progress you may dial the non-emergency number to ask for an officer to be dispatched to your location. 304-348-8111
  • You may file a police report over the phone if you are reporting a non-violent misdemeanor to which no suspect information is known and there is no evidence to be collected. 304-348-6400
  • You can stop by the Charleston Police Department Records Division to file a report in person. However, if the crime is in progress, or there is evidence or suspects at the scene, it is best to let us come to the location of the crime. Our Records Division office is located at 501 Virginia St. East Charleston WV 25301

How May I File A Motor Vehicle Crash Report?

In the event that you are involved in a traffic crash, the first matter of importance is the safety of everyone involved. Try to have as much information as possible to provide when you call 911. Below are some very important questions that will help everyone involved if answered during the initial call for help.

  • Are there are any injuries? If so, how many people are hurt?
  • Is anyone trapped or disabled from escaping danger?
  • Are there any hazards such as leaking fluids, smoke, fire or blocked traffic lanes?
  • What is the nearest intersection, mile marker or address?
  • How many vehicles are involved?

Have your driver's license, insurance card, and registration card ready for the first responders. They will also need the names, ages, and addresses of all your passengers and where they were seated in your vehicle.

If the crash is on a busy street or highway and the involved vehicles are drivable, it may be safest to move them out of the roadway. As well everyone should stay away from the traffic lane as much as possible to avoid being struck by a passing vehicles.

If the crash is not on a public street or highway and there is no significant property damage or injuries, there may be no need to file a report with the police department. However, you are still legally required to provide your vehicle, driver, and insurance information to anyone involved in the crash and to anyone with property damage resulting from the crash. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need to file a crash report don't hesitate to call us and ask 304-348-8111.

How Can I Add Information To A Report That Has Already Been Filed?

The best place to start is by calling or stopping by our Records Division office. If available, please have the incident number from the report available so we can quickly locate your report. 304-348-6400; 501 Virginia St. East, Charleston WV 25301

Who May I Ask About The Status Of An Assigned Investigation?

After the initial police report is filed it is evaluated for assignment and follow-up investigation.Criminal investigations will be assigned to a detective from our Criminal Investigations Division. Our criminal investigators can be reached at 304-348-6480.Crash investigations will be assigned to an investigator from our Highway Safety Division.Our crash investigators can be reached at 304-348-6470.