Charleston WV Police Department

Records Division

The Records Division is the repository for incident and crash reports generated by the Charleston Police Department and acts as a primary support unit for the entire agency.

We are located on the Court Street side of City Hall at 501 Virginia Street, Charleston West Virginia.

There is a metered parking lot on the South side of City Hall. As well, there is a parking building on the East side of City Hall that can be entered from Court Street or Virginia Street.

You can reach us at 304-348-6400.

If you need to file an investigative report, you may call our Records office and file one over the phone if;

  • The incident is a misdemeanor (not a felony)
  • There is no need to collect evidence from the scene
  • There is no available suspect information

If you need to speak with a police officer in person and it is not an emergency, you may call Metro Communications at 304-348-8111

Sgt. Doug Paxton

Records Division Commander